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Harry Potter Themed Posters

Hi everyone!

So, today I finished my Christmas shopping!  It’s such a nice feeling : ) And I have to share with  you guys that my house is Harry Potter themed. …Okay, not really, but my mom inadvertently decorated two different rooms in my house with two different house colors. Our upstairs is completely Gryffindor red and gold and our downstairs is Ravenclaw blue and gold (close enough, come on now). I’m pretty excited about it all and smile when ever I look at our red and gold tree. : )

Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of posters that are floating around the internet. I think they’re amazingly awesome! Supermegafoxyhot if I do say so myself. : ) Let me know what you think! And if you know who made these posters, let me know please so I can give proper credit and link to their twitters, fbs, or blogs.


I love these posters!!! : )


Look me up on Twitter! @MyLifeWithHarry : )


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In honor of Forever Day plus an awesome gift!

****** UPDATE ****** I bought Forever Yours on my Kindle and I love it! I listen to it almost every day! Does anyone know how Alex did on the charts?


In honor of Forever Day, I thought I would upload a post. Forever Day is an internet “holiday” started by Alex Day on YouTube. If you don’t know where or why Forever Day started, just YouTube it! : )

I also wanted to share what my brother got me for my birthday with all of you. Everyone who knows me knows I love Harry Potter! So, my brother, being totally awesome, got me a Harry Potter themed birthday gift. See the picture below and totally gush with me in the comments below!

I’ve also totally gotten into dueling on Pottermore. Since I started playing two days ago, I haven’t been able to stop! Pottermore has to literally kick me off, telling me I’ve exceeded my limit and that I’ll have to try again later. But it’s so fun! And I’m earning house points, which is awesome! I’m happy to be giving some points to Hufflepuff. : )

Also, just out of curiosity, how many of you are Pottermore betas and how many are still waiting for a Pottermore account? I’m so happy that school is out for the holiday and I’m able to dedicate time to Pottermore and this blog and my Twitter again, but if I wasn’t a beta, I’d be waiting on bated breath for Pottermore to open to me!

In any case, look me up on Twitter @MyLifeWithHarry and lets trend #WizardsDuel and #PuffPride!


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