Dobby’s Socks!!

17 Aug


So, sometimes when the clinic needs me, I work at a podiatry office. Talk about a less Harry Potterish place to work! I feel like this must be what Hermione feels like when she goes back home during the summers.

As I was sitting there today, obsessing over when I could receive my Pottermore e-mail, I couldn’t help but think of ways I could relate my current environment to Harry Potter. It was slim pickings, but the best relation I came up with was Dobby.

Hear me out on this one. When I take a patient into a room and tell them to take a seat, I ask them to remove their shoes and SOCKS! Socks : ) Dobby’s socks : ) (I saw this hash tagged a few days ago on Twitter, which is probably why I thought of it.)

Get it? Maybe I’m reaching but it’s still nice to know that no matter what kind of environment I’m in, Harry Potter and the whole magical world JKR created is still with me, and I don’t think it will ever leave : )

Let’s get this trending: #DobbysSocks

If you have boring work places but can relate them to Harry Potter, leave a comment below or @ me @mylifewithharry.

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