01 Aug

From the Pottermore site

So, for the last few nights I’ve been staying up unnaturally late trying to catch a glimpse of this magic quill.

(By the way, I’m still waiting for someone to make an inappropriate pun off of that name…)

Have any of my readers found the quill? What was the question you had to answer? What is your new username? How excited are you?

(My magic quill is always ready ; )

I’ve been keeping up with Pottermore via Twitter, chatting with the HP community on there. When someone gets in, it’s super exciting and cause for celebration. But yesterday the HP Twitter community was in an uproar because, apparently, someone tweeted the answer of the clue for all to see. Now, I don’t think this was a big deal. HP fans seem to be helpful by nature. But technically, I see what the problem is; it’s cheating.

So here’s what I propose: Don’t share the clue and answer until after that day’s registration has closed.

And then people started “selling” their usernames on EBay, which was actually seriously funny because they were selling them for fifteen thousand to one million dollars. I instantly understood the inherent sarcasim there. People weren’t really selling their names, but it was a funny joke. Other HP fans were just taking it a little to seriously.

Come now people, there’s no reason to actually want to “beat” someone over a joke.

(You’ll be saying my name once you see my magic quill ; )

In any case, yesterday was Harry Potter’s birthday! I wonder how the boy who lived would have spent his 31st. I wonder if he resents being called the boy who lived at 31. He’s probably just happy to be alive.

Yesterday was also JKR’s birthday. I think she may have spent her birthday the same way Harry would have: modestly, with family.

(Do you want to borrow my magic quill? It’s great for writing ; )

On a more realistic note, I’m moving into my new apartment today! I’m really excited about it! It’s super cute, and my roommate and I are looking forward to it. It’s in an interesting part of town, across from the farmers’ market and two blocks from downtown.

My roommate and I are both studying toward our Masters in English and teaching certificates, so we’re busy all the time, but we love what we do, so I suppose you can’t really ask for much more than that.

(My magic quill can do more than just write ; )

Ok, I think I’m done. If you have any innuendo that you want to share, tweet me! @MyLiteWithHarry or just leave a comment here : ) Let’s see if we can amass a list of 25.

Lots of Love! and Magic! and Magic Quills! Good luck with Pottermore!  : )

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