J.K. Rowling is my hero

28 Jul

 I’m a struggling writer. Really, I am. I try to put my ideas on paper, or, rather, electronic screen, and I find myself floundering each time. I admire the fact that J.K.R. was able to write seven books from one boy walking into her mind on a train ride. 

Admittedly, I do have characters introduce themselves to me, but them finding me has nothing to do with my finding them. Characters are like fleeting glimpses that escape your eyesight before they’re suffocated in your words.

Maybe that means we’re not supposed to chase them. Maybe we’re supposed to wait until they’re ready to be written.

(Then again, maybe that’s what procrastination is…)

In any case, this blog is dedicated to my life with one character that was never mine to begin with. One that I’ve befriended, hated, and loved (because you can totally love a fictional character). Jo’s character introduced me to a new world, sought out explanations when I needed them, and became friends with the underdogs. He was my champion when no one else rushed to my defense, my friend when everyone else was busy, and my confidant when there was no one else to talk to.

He was there when everyone else was growing up around me, and I just couldn’t face the change.

In a way, the best part of my childhood centered around Harry Potter. My cousins, siblings, and I talked endlessly about theories and characters, subplots and conspiracies. He made my younger years exciting and gave me a community to belong to.

I have come to believe that Harry Potter fans are some of the best people in the whole world. : ) Now, I know how childish that statement sounds, yet it is completely true. I came to this conclusion slowly, but it was solidified for me when wizard rockers, HP fans, and community outliers alike donated planes full of needed material to Haiti earthquake victims.

It is marvelous to be a part of a movement that it so full of love and acceptance that we can band together in times of need and know others in our community will be there.

So, I offer this simple blog to the HP community. It is only a small donation, but it is my life. My life with Harry is simply that: my life experiences through the eyes of the HP fan that I am. At every turn, I see magic in life.

And really, that’s the best way to see life.

So, please enter into my conversation. I look forward to your HP contributions as I write this.

Lots of Love and Magic!

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