The Owls Are Coming!!! This post is dedicated to Hedwig.

Can this be?!? Is it true?!?! Are all of our owls coming?!?

Yahoo reports there has been a mass of SNOWY owls flying in to the “lower 48 states” this winter! Is it just me, or does the opening line of this article sound an awful lot like a sentence or two from Harry Potter:

“Bird enthusiasts are reporting a rising number of snowy owls from the arctic are winging into the lower 48 states this winter in a mass southern migration that a leading owl researcher calls ‘unbelievable'” (Zuckerman, Laura).

How cool. I guess we’re all finally getting our owls! : ) This story makes me as giddy as a first year seeing Hogwarts for the first time. Actually, the story itself is pretty dull and offers all sorts of legitimate, scientific explanations, but the Harry Potter connection is exciting. And at the end, they still say it’s a mystery. So I say screw the science! I just has to share it with all of you!

And don’t think it passed  my notice that all these owls are a part of Hedwig’s family tree. = D That just makes it even more special.

Here is the URL for all of your reading pleasure:

I wonder if something awesome has happened in the wizarding world that every witch and wizard is telling all the other witches and wizards about. It’s so fun to think about magical things like that in mundane, and largely scientific, news reports. : )

Man I love Harry Potter.


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JKR’s New Tweet

On Jan 12th, JKR tweeted, “Pen and paper are still my priority over tweeting. You can follow @pottermore to see what’s going on there.”

Is it just me or does she sound angry? Frustrated?

I know JKR has been criticized a lot for not updating her Twitter account more often with other types of information, but do you think she has heard some or all of that criticism herself? Maybe this tweet is in response to that.

Whatever it is, as long as JKR is writing, I’m super excited to see what comes next! Writing is hard work, no one knows how to do it until it’s done, and it takes a lot out of a person. So, I say take your time, JKR, take your time. : )


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Picture for N.L. fans!

So, I saw a picture on Facebook today and had to share it with all of you Neville Longbottom fans! : ) I think the picture explains it all! Enjoy!

I think this picture must have been taken at some sort of after party for Dan’s play “How to Succeed in Business” least, that’s what I’m assuming based on Rup’s t-shirt. Personally, all these boys are a little too young for me, and I don’t think Tom is too far behind Matt, but Matt is by far the best looking guy in this photo.

: )

Who is your favorite?

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HP is on my reading list!!

As I’m getting back into the swing of things, buying books for school and moving back into my apartment after a long, long break away, I noticed that Harry Potter 1 is on my reading list for the upcoming semester! I’m completely excited about this!!

I know this is going to sound completely unrelated at first, but bear with me. I don’t know about all of you, but as I grew to love HP, I decided that my future (currently non-existent) children would grow to love HP too. As a result, I started to consider what the appropriate age was to start these future Potter-maniacs on HP. I decided that age 10 seemed best. Magic is still real at that age, and 11 (!) is just around the corner. But, I’ve never really thought about it as a teacher.

Do you think that HP is too violent to teach to students in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade? Personally, I think these are the perfect ages to start kids on HP. Why not expose them to the wonder? Will some of the themes or important subplots pass them by at this age? Yes, of course they will, just like those things passed me up when I started reading HP at age 12.

So then, with that understanding in hand, what should be highlighted to students? Right verses wrong? The parallels to Nazi Germany? What makes magic automatically dark or light? How can we tell what is right or wrong? Why was Voldermort wrong? or was he right? Are these issues all too deep?

I don’t think so. When we talk about wanting kids to connect to literature, we (that is, teachers) try to approach the material in the way that would best engage young readers. What is the best way to engage readers in Harry Potter?

I personally think the concept of Hogwarts is the most fascinating! I would split my class into the four houses…Actually, as I type that idea, it might be a bad one. Think about it! Hufflepuffs and Slytherins rarely receive any type of respect from the other houses. Why would I ostracize a group of students like that. But I still like Hogwarts the best. I would highlight the classes, clubs, and sports. I might have my class create its own magical school, asking them to incorporate muggle classes with their magical ones to create a more balanced education. What do you guys think?

Sorry for the longer, more academic post. I just think this assignment would be fun. I’ll post the lesson plan as soon as I finish it. I’m sure it’ll need improvement, but maybe you guys could give me some ideas.

If you were in a class and your teacher was teaching HP1, what would you want highlighted? What do you think can be looked over? Where should you want to spend the most and the least amount of time?

I look forward to hearing from you guys!!  You can also @ me on Twitter, @MyLifeWithHarry : )



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Happy New Year!!

Just wanted to say Happy New Year to all of you!!! What are your plans? Whatever they are, please have a safe and happy night. : )

I’ll be at home with my family and a few friends watching the ball drop in NYC. : ) Someday, I would love to actually to go NYC and see that ball drop. I guess you could say it’s one of my items on my bucket list.

As a side note, I got a Kindle Fire and have started downloading wrock to it…that’s not geeky. : ) Especially not to us HP fans. : )

Also, I’d like to think the Weasleys are having a totally blow-out tonight. Party Hard! (…but be safe).

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Harry Potter Themed Posters

Hi everyone!

So, today I finished my Christmas shopping!  It’s such a nice feeling : ) And I have to share with  you guys that my house is Harry Potter themed. …Okay, not really, but my mom inadvertently decorated two different rooms in my house with two different house colors. Our upstairs is completely Gryffindor red and gold and our downstairs is Ravenclaw blue and gold (close enough, come on now). I’m pretty excited about it all and smile when ever I look at our red and gold tree. : )

Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of posters that are floating around the internet. I think they’re amazingly awesome! Supermegafoxyhot if I do say so myself. : ) Let me know what you think! And if you know who made these posters, let me know please so I can give proper credit and link to their twitters, fbs, or blogs.


I love these posters!!! : )


Look me up on Twitter! @MyLifeWithHarry : )


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In honor of Forever Day plus an awesome gift!

****** UPDATE ****** I bought Forever Yours on my Kindle and I love it! I listen to it almost every day! Does anyone know how Alex did on the charts?


In honor of Forever Day, I thought I would upload a post. Forever Day is an internet “holiday” started by Alex Day on YouTube. If you don’t know where or why Forever Day started, just YouTube it! : )

I also wanted to share what my brother got me for my birthday with all of you. Everyone who knows me knows I love Harry Potter! So, my brother, being totally awesome, got me a Harry Potter themed birthday gift. See the picture below and totally gush with me in the comments below!

I’ve also totally gotten into dueling on Pottermore. Since I started playing two days ago, I haven’t been able to stop! Pottermore has to literally kick me off, telling me I’ve exceeded my limit and that I’ll have to try again later. But it’s so fun! And I’m earning house points, which is awesome! I’m happy to be giving some points to Hufflepuff. : )

Also, just out of curiosity, how many of you are Pottermore betas and how many are still waiting for a Pottermore account? I’m so happy that school is out for the holiday and I’m able to dedicate time to Pottermore and this blog and my Twitter again, but if I wasn’t a beta, I’d be waiting on bated breath for Pottermore to open to me!

In any case, look me up on Twitter @MyLifeWithHarry and lets trend #WizardsDuel and #PuffPride!


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